OurNewOldPlace — The app that will rediscover you with the small neighbourhood store

Sprint 1: Research

UPTA Study

“I want to sell more, but I don’t know how to create a website”

Most sellers think that selling online is not for them. In some cases, it is because it seems very complex to them. Others simply do not consider that possibility.

“I don’t waste time going store by store looking for what I need, I just search for it on aliexpress”

Shoppers feel stressed when they have to buy something and don’t know where to find it

“Most of my clients are from the area or even other workers from other businesses. I don’t have an online store so I publish the most interesting things on instagram, they contact me and I keep them until they leave their jobs and come to look for it “

Buyers feel more confident when they can reserve an item to go see and test it in person.

“If I have to upload all my products to all existing platforms, I would need to hire someone just for that work and with this situation we are experiencing, I see it impossible”

Merchants usually have a lot of workload and uploading each of their products to all online platforms is a job that they do not want and cannot do.

Sprint2: Ideation and conceptualization

What does a small business have that an online platform cannot provide?

NN group Design Thinking

It will show live everything that is happening in the region in which you are, we do this to show users that there is something of their interest about to happen and how long it will be available. In addition, agreements will be created with consumer associations so that they can create events and display it in the application. The tools will be: map of activities, stories of the people of the region and explorer section.

Create communities. Activities are another way of consuming and they also deserve to be supported since, in general, small companies or freelancers organize it. They also present a key tool since with the formation of groups local consumption intensifies. People create links with other people in the area and start consuming more in that area. The tools: motivational messages and proposals for group activities to common users.

Unify products by regions. Everything that can be purchased in a region will be grouped in the same marketplace. You will know instantly if what you need to acquire is in your town or neighborhood and who can offer it to you. Tool: marketplace

Create corners to visit. Increasing the appeal of a place is sometimes just a matter of showing the hidden charm. Users will be able to create corners to visit. Tools: Stories, Map

Show the human side. There is only one thing that an online marketplace can never offer you and that is the human side of the employees in your area. A small talk with a clerk or shop assistant can turn a seemingly banal activity into a beautiful, memorable experience. For this reason, the application will show merchants’ stories and experiences with video that you can later comment with them when you go to pick up your order. Tool: Stories

Sprint 3: Information Architecture

Octopus Tool
North of Tenerife (Canary Islands)

Sprint 4: Prototype and Testing

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